High School (Grades 9-12)

Tuition at Montfort is $14,800 for incoming Freshmen.  Tuition for returning students is determined annually based on an annual increase.  

Non-refundable Registration and Student Fees are $1,200, due in February.  For Seniors, fees are $1,400.

Fees for The Montfort Parent Association are $200 per family. 

Therefore, the total of tuition and fees is $16,200.

The actual cost to Montfort of educating a student is substantially higher than the tuition and fees we charge. The difference between the tuition we charge and the actual cost is made up through continual development efforts and the generosity of our alumni, parents, and benefactors.

Montfort offers two (2) tuition payment plans:

  1. Two-Payment Plan: half of the tuition is due on or before July 1; and the remaining half is due on or before September 1.

  2. Monthly-Payment Plan: a 10-month ACH tuition payment plan is available for a 5% monthly administration fee and $50 one-time setup fee. The first payment is drafted on June 25. We encourage all families to take advantage of the ACH Monthly-Payment Plan in order to more easily manage their monthly finances.

SCHOLARSHIPS for scholars

The Montfort Academy is committed to educating exceptional students of great character and academic promise regardless of family economic status. Therefore, Montfort offers several academic and merit scholarships including full-tuition Presidential scholarships, half-tuition and other partial Dean scholarships, and multiple smaller scholarships. Students are automatically considered for merit scholarships after submitting their application. No additional paperwork is required.  If selected for consideration, students will be invited for a special scholarship interview.  Please check the website frequently for updates on scholarships.


If you attend a Catholic Elementary School in the Archdiocese of New York and choose to attend The Montfort Academy, you will receive an automatic $500 tuition scholarship. This is to recognize student and family commitment to Catholic education.

Catholic School Employee Discount

If your parent or guardian is the an employee of a Catholic elementary school or high school in the Archdiocese of New York, you will receive a tuition discount of $1,500.


Montfort also offers sibling tuition reductions:

  • 15% for a 2nd child enrolled at the same time

  • 20% for a 3rd child or more enrolled at the same time


Generous need-based financial aid is also available for qualified students.  In order to qualify for a need-based financial aid award, a financial aid application must be completed and sent to the Private School Aid Service at The Montfort Academy code is 36342.  Need based scholarships are generally accompanied by an internship or work-study requirement at Montfort.  This form must be completed by December 22nd in order to be considered for financial aid. Families who receive financial aid grants from The Montfort Academy are expected to participate in our annual fundraisers and volunteer their time to Montfort in substantial ways.

In subsequent years, a new FACTS Student Aid Form must be submitted annually as early as possible at the start of any new year or by February 1st using the prior year tax return or the latest return submitted to the IRS. Filings for financial aid after March 30th will require the current year’s tax return. Any Inner City Scholarship award or other third party scholarships will come directly to Montfort to underwrite any financial aid award we provide.