College Placement


Montfort has had a 100% college acceptance rate for its graduates every since its founding.  When Montfort Seniors leave the hallways and classrooms of this fortress of learning and spiritual formation, they go on to the nation's leading universities, military academies, and Catholic colleges.  The Cardinal Newman Society annually ranks the very best Catholic colleges of America, and Montfort Seniors have been accepted to nearly all of them. With a median SAT score of 1220, a full 220 points above the national average, Montfort Seniors are also annually awarded an average of $400,000 in scholarships and financial aid to attend college, an excellent achievement.

Preparing for college begins Day 1 at The Montfort Academy with a special module in our 3-day Orientation for new students.  Our guidance team, consisting of a lead guidance counselor and a team of two other counselors, meet regularly with Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.  Each year, we host a college fair with nearly 50 colleges represented.  For more on college preparation and the courses we offer in Junior and Senior years for SAT preparation and the college admissions process, please download our course catalogue.

For a listing of college acceptances and matriculation by Montfort students, please click here