College Placement


Montfort takes college admissions very seriously, and preparing for college begins Day 1 at Montfort with a special module in our 3-day Orientation for new students.  Our guidance team, consisting of a lead guidance counselor and a team of two other counselors, meet regularly with Freshman, Sophomores, Juniors, and Seniors.  Each year, we host a college fair with nearly 50 colleges represented.  

Perhaps it is for this reason that Montfort Knights have had a 100% college acceptance rate every year since the school’s founding. When Montfort Seniors leave the hallways and classrooms of this fortress of learning and spiritual formation, they go on to the nation's leading universities, military academies, and Catholic colleges.  The Cardinal Newman Society annually ranks the very best Catholic colleges of America, and Montfort Seniors have been accepted to nearly all of them. Each Montfort senior is also annually awarded an average of $400,000 in scholarships and financial aid to attend college.

Montfort Knights have gained admission into these colleges, universities, military academies, and specialized programs:

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The Montfort Academy 4-Year Guidance and College Preparation Program

Ninth Grade Program:                                                                     Tenth Grade Program:
-Ninth Grade Orientation                                                             -PSAT Registration and Administration
-Course Selection meeting for the next school year           -Comprehensive Career exploration
-Introduction to Naviance                                                           -Course Selection meeting for the next  
                                                                                                                school year
                                                                                                            -Introduction to College Board

Eleventh Grade Program:                                                          Twelfth Grade Program:
-PSAT Registration and Administration                                -12th Grade College Planning Conference
-College Fair at Westchester County Center                       -Common Application Workshops
-Financial Aid Night for Parents                                              -Financial Aid Night for Parents
-Course Selection meeting for the next school year         -Senior Credit Check Process
-Junior Post-High School Planning Conference                  -Senior Skills Course
-Resume Writing Workshops                                                   -Scholarship Program
-SAT Preparation                                                                         -Senior Exit Survey
-Essay Writing Workshops                                                        -College Representative Visits
-Introduction to the Common Application                            -Senior Awards Program
                                                                                                          -Interviewing Skills Workshop
                                                                                                          -College Fair at Westchester County

Table of Contents from College Planning Book

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