The Montfort Academy is a special place, unique among American high schools; it is a Renaissance in Education.  One can feel a love for God and an excitement for learning immediately upon entering Montfort’s impressive, wooden doors and castle-like structure. This love and excitement permeate our hallways, our classrooms, and our chapel. Montfort's faculty, administration, and our families understand that our work has eternal consequences—we seek to educate, or lead forth our young men and women in body, mind and soul so that they can live prosperously and virtuously in this world and with Our Lord forever in the next world.  Through their classical and Catholic formation our graduates can and do transform the world.

Today, on giving Tuesday and throughout the Advent and Christmas seasons, please contribute to our 2018 Annual Appeal.  Every day, Montfort students remember Montfort’s benefactors and donors in prayer and at weekly Mass.

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Be strong in the Lord and in the strength of His might. 

Put on the whole armor of God.  Ephesians 6:10, 11



The unexamined life is not worth living.
— Socrates


The Montfort Academy teaches the best that man has ever thought, said, or done in the world.  It returns to the basics of Latin, Greek, astronomy, mathematics, scientific experimentation, reading the Great Books, writing, and rhetoric.  It is a school where classrooms host Socratic discussions, where the night sky is a scientific laboratory, where sports are not only about body, but also about mind and soul.  It is a school whose guest lecturers include giants of business, medicine, law, engineering, government and whose students aspire to be like them.  It is a school where students participate in the Great Conversation of great ideas down through the ages of Western civilization.  It is a school whose students discover the truths of our Catholic faith and the high ideals of our great Nation.  At The Montfort Academy, students Seek Wisdom, Practice Virtue, and Keep the Faith.   

The Curriculum at Montfort

At Montfort, students are not afraid to ask big questions.  They delve deeply into the traditions of Western civilization, history, science, mathematics, and literature and learn to use the wisdom of the past to shape a vision for their future.  They learn to love the philosophers of antiquity and the theologians of the Middle Ages and to explore creation side-by-side with EuclidGalileo, and Einstein.  They learn to interpret challenging original texts, to construct logical arguments, and to communicate well.  They learn to think independently. They learn to write compellingly.  And perhaps most unique about Montfort's program,  they learn to speak confidently and eloquently in public.  

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Faith at Montfort

Education at The Montfort Academy is true Catholic formation. Our primary objective is the sanctification of the student to be with God forever in Heaven. That means we care about our students beyond the mere assigning of grades; we care about who they are, who they will be, and how they will ultimately answer the question, “What kind of life did I lead?” Our second objective is the transformation of the world through the charitable ways in which our students touch their families, peers, neighbors and country. With school Mass each Tuesday and encouraged daily, as well as frequent prayer and confession, retreats, weekly Holy Hours, Eucharistic adoration, and Rosary, intellectual discussion, and our special St. Joseph the Workers Club, Montfort students grow in virtue, character, and nobility. They leave Montfort prepared to defend, promote, and celebrate all that is good, true and beautiful.

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The Montfort Academy challenges students to become leaders who think critically and compassionately about the world and who strive to live virtuously and prosperously in it.
— The Honorable Richard Greco, Jr. Founder and President

Sports at Montfort

Montfort students are challenged daily to become the best version of themselves.  They are challenged to aim ever higher in the way they think about themselves and their relationships with God and their families, friends,  teachers, team mates, and their rivals.  Sports are therefore an essential part of life at The Montfort Academy.  Participation in Sports helps develop not only the body but also the mind and soul, so that all three work in balance and harmony with one another.  Montfort Knights and Lady Knights play baseball, soccer, basketball, softball, and volleyball and run track and cross country fairly and nobly on and off the playing field.  They compete with the dignity and virtue of a noble person.

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Clubs & Activities at Montfort

From astronomy to robotics, from a cappella to swing dancing, from computer programming to managing The Montfort Academy Gift Shop, from our nationally recognized pro-life club to our St. Joseph the Worker carpentry and construction club, The Montfort Academy's clubs are as diverse as our students.  We also have a drama club that performs a Fall Shakespeare play and Spring Musical, a Debate team on its way to State recognition, a Renaissance polyphony schola, a chess club, a math club, a yearbook club, Cadet Corps, and much, much more!  

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A Montfort Academy graduate knows how to think; a person who can think can do anything.
— Christian Hanley, Class of 2008, Physician


Throughout my school years, I never really experienced learning as I found it to be at The Montfort Academy. Like most, I was blinded to all that was good, true, and beautiful. If there ever was a place that allows for pure spiritual and personal growth, it is here. . .where young minds and spirits can blossom and forge their own way through the jungle of daily living. It allows a young person to grow up in purity and safety as can rarely be found anywhere else.
— Michael Dziedzic, First Graduate and Valedictorian, The Montfort Academy, 2004

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A Renaissance in Education


Founded in 2002 by former Assistant Secretary of the Navy and former White House Fellow Richard Greco, Jr., The Montfort Academy is an independent, classical-curriculum college-preparatory high school for boys and girls firmly grounded in the rich intellectual, spiritual, and liturgical traditions and teachings of the Roman Catholic Church.  The Montfort Academy is the only classical-curriculum high school in the Archdiocese of New York and has been ranked among the 50 best Catholic high schools in America, according to the Cardinal Newman Society and the Acton Institute.