Montfort Commemorates September 11th

The entire Montfort student body and faculty gathered outside the flagpole for a ceremony commemorating Patriots Day, September 11, 2001, led by school president Richard Greco. The ceremony also included the participation of Fr. Francis and representatives of the Mt. Vernon police force.

The ceremony featured the Angelus, the lowering and removal of the old school flag as TAPS played, the blessing and raising of a new flag—a gift of the graduated Class of 2019—as students Maddisyn Campagnone and Sydney Payla sang the National Anthem, the folding and retirement of the old flag by students Eddie Crea, AJ Crea, and Charlie Reichelt, the presentation of the retired flag to the Mt. Vernon police department, reflections on September 11th offered by president Greco, and a prayer for peace offered by campus minister Matthew Terilli. During president Greco’s remarks, he recalled how two years ago, Montfort buried a time capsule with the names of all those who perished in the attacks of September 11th and in the subsequent War on Terrorism. He reminded students of GK Chesterton’s famous observation, “The true soldier fights not because he hates what is in front of him, but because he loves what is behind him.” These words reflect the good, truth, and beauty of the United States of America, founded on principles of government by the people and for the people, equality before the law, equal justice for all, freedom including freedom of religion, and the pursuit of happiness. Who will tell our story of the hope that America is, he asked, if we do not commemorate all those who have sacrificed for our country.

Below is the video and some photographs of the moving ceremony.

Richard Greco