Rocket Launches at Montfort

After weeks of learning about the mechanics, chemistry, and physics of rocketry, The Astronomy Club launched three rockets from a nearby field the other day. Evan Iervolino, a Freshman, build the rockets, and together eleven Astronomy Club members, club advisor Mr. Greco, Col. Petrillo, and Mr. Edelson watched in amazement as the rockets reached between one and two thousand feet. All rockets launched as expected with trajectories under 5 degrees from vertical. Parachutes were deployed as expected when air pressure inside the rocket due to heat build-up reached deployment levels, but no rocket was fully recovered. One if the rockets had two stages; and stage I was recovered on the ground not far from the launch pad. Wind drift caused the rockets to land in the park, surely to the enjoyment of someone who will discover them one day. Spectators in the park walking their dogs enjoyed the launches, too.

Please see below for photos and videos of the launches.

Richard Greco