Montfort's Student Government held elections this week. Each candidate prepared a speech stating why their class should vote for them and what the would do as part of the Student Government. The speeches ranged from short & sweet, you should vote for me because I will listen to your comments and be your voice in the Student Government to quotes from Michelle Obama, Plato and many other current day politicians and people the students looked up to. A student in Italy face timed in to provide their speech. Incumbent students stated some of their proud accomplishments of this year's Student Government. The entire student body voted for who they wanted to represent their class in the Student Government. Each candidate received hand written notes from the current Senior Student Government members informing them of their result. The results are;

Class of 2022 Jayden Prado & David Rae

Class of 2021 Hallye Boughner & Lizzy Connelly

Class of 2020 Maddisyn Campagnone, Sydney Ferreira, Gabrielle Margand & Tanya Porcari

Student Representatives at Large are;

August Boland, Marcela Lara, Michael Lulaj, Madison Maier & Isabella Moncada

Congratulations to all the candidates.

Marla Greco