Virtual Tour

Click on the BEGIN TOUR button below.  You will be taken to another tab where a virtual tour of Montfort's Chapel and School Building will begin.  


Once the page loads, press the PLAY arrow and enjoy the brief tour. 

When the virtual tour ends, feel free to use your cursor or mouse to explore the school building on your own, stopping in our hallways, classrooms, and beautiful Chapel.  

Along the way, you will see "stop signs."  Each stop sign will open up an image or brief video.  Along the way, you will also see "resting stops" along the floor.  Feel free to rest and use your cursor to move up, down, left, and right.  

See the beautiful gold-framed paintings, our castle-like chandeliers, and our gorgeous woodwork, and fine brickwork that all make Montfort a castle--a true Fortress of Learning.

If you have Google Cardboard or Samsung Gear VR glasses put them on first and enjoy a 3-D experience!

Once you are done with your tour, return to the website in the previously opened tab. 

Let's begin.