The Montfort Academy’s Student Council is an elected advisory body. Each class elects a president and a vice president; the four runners up are elected to be roving representatives. Together, the Student Council directly advises the President of The Montfort Academy on matters of infrastructure improvement, student life, activities, academics, student and family satisfaction, and many other topics. All representatives are encouraged to speak their mind and conscience in the great traditions of ancient Greece. Below, please find our Student Council Representatives and their brief biographies.

William Grant, Senior Class President 

My goal as senior class president is to instill values unto the school that will last long after I am gone.  I participate in basketball, baseball and my favorite subject is history and more specifically Politics and Government.  The team and I are here to maintain order and structure for our student body, while at the same time promoting a friendly, gratifying four year experience here at Montfort.    


Alessandra Carino, Senior Class Vice President  

I am the vice-president of the student body. In addition to this, I am the president of the Society of St. Agnes, and co-captain of the speech and debate team. In my time as VP I hope to help transform Montfort into the best version of itself by adopting better system of communication and organization to keep things running as smoothly as they can. I also hope that a new sense of school spirit is put instilled because without that there is no sense of community. I enjoy studying theology and philosophy; and in my spare time I enjoy reading and spending time with my friends and family.  


Jayna Randolph, Senior Class Secretary/Treasurer 

Hi! I am Senior Jayna Randolph and I am the Secretary and Treasurer of Student Government at The Montfort Academy. Besides Student Government I also participate in Speech and Debate, Soccer, Schola, Crescendites and Montfort’s spring musical. I enjoy singing, cooking, watching movies and relaxing with friends. As a member of Student Government I will help plan and organize initiatives that will make our school a more spirited place. I am looking forward to a great school year and getting to know all of our new students! 


Sydney Ferreira,  Junior Class President 

Hello, I am Sydney Ferreira, Junior Class President. Besides being in the student government, I am a part of the St. Joseph the Worker Club, where I  enjoy devoting time to community service.  In addition I often work behind the scenes at the school’s annual plays and musicals, and play soccer. I am  passionate about making positive change to the world, learning, and helping others. 


Marcela Lara, Junior Class Vice President  

My name is Marcela Lara, Junior Class Vice President.  I enjoy playing sports and am currently on three Montfort teams. I like to study mathematics and science. As a representative i will put my effort in improving the unity between the students and in making sure everyone’s voices are heard. 


Michael Lulaj, Sophomore Class President 

Hello I'm Michael Lulaj, the Sophomore Class President at The Montfort Academy. I do a number of clubs and extracurricular activities at Montfort, including soccer, schola, and marine biology. As a part of student government and taking the role of President I hope to strive and improve the school with the rest of the members of our school government.  


Elizabeth Connelly, Sophomore Class Vice President  

 My name is Elizabeth Connelly and I am the Vice President representative for the Sophomore class.  I’m so grateful to be given the opportunity to provoke change for the better of my class as well as the school as a whole.  This year I would like to see many new ideas come to life through student government.  I want to make sure that every student has equal opportunity to raise issues and speak their minds so that together we can become a more spirited and involved school.  


David Rae, Freshman Class President  

My name is David Rae and I’m the Freshmen Class President. I like to play basketball and go to the movies. I like to study math and science. As Freshmen Class president, I hope to help my classmates succeed in any way I can. I hope to always be accessible so that I can help with problems, academically or otherwise. I hope to voice your opinions and carry it out in whatever way I can.   


Mary Brusstar, Freshman Class Vice President   

August Boland, Roving Class Representative  

Hullo! I am August Boland, a Junior at the Montfort Academy and one of the Student Ambassadors. I like to write fictional histories, create languages, read good books, and be with my friends and family. My favorite subjects are Latin, Literature, and Math. As a member of the Student Government, I hope to bridge gaps between the four grades, deal with any complaints against the School and its Staff, and make going to school here an even more pleasant experience. 


Eddie Crea, Roving Class Representative  


Isabella Moncada, Roving Class Representative 

My name is Isabella Moncada and I am a Junior at The Montfort Academy. I am a part of the Drama Club and the Speech and Debate Club. I enjoy acting and reading Shakespeare. My goals for Student Council are being a voice for the students and improving communication between students and teachers. 

Maddisyn Campagnone, Roving Class Representative  

 I’m Maddisyn Campagnone.  I love to act, sing and dance as well as enjoy studying literature and theology.  My main goal as a representative is to strengthen the relationship between the faculty and the students and to make sure that each student gets the opportunity to utilize their talents in the best way possible to not only better themselves but also the Montfort community.