Montfort Seniors Video Link with Urban Planning Engineer in Abu Dhabi

Seniors in the Astronomy Class were treated to an hour-long video call through Skype with an engineer from Abu Dhabi who shared with them her most recent project on managing wind in the urban landscape. Engineer Youla Louisa, live from her office at ADNOC, the Abu Dhabi National Oil Company, fist spoke about her life as a Christian woman from Syria, her education in the United States, and her life as an engineer in the Middle East in the fields of urban planning, water treatment, alternative energy, and now wind. Her project is aimed at capturing the power of wind in dense urban to mitigate its effects on pedestrians, birds, and extreme weather like thunderstorm formation, and to create conditions for city cooling without additional power like air conditioning. Dr. Louisa shared her presentation and results with our students, who then had the chance to ask her questions.

Marla Greco