Montfort Astronomy Club members attend Grand Opening at Hudson River Museum "The Color of the Moon"

Twelve members of The Montfort Academy’s Astronomy Club and Freshman Art History Class accompanied school President Richard Greco, Jr. to the Hudson River Museum as his and the Museum’s guests the grand opening of a special HRM centennial exhibit “The Color of the Moon.” Montfort students were treated to a VIP reception and had the chance to mingle with Museum Executive Director Masha Turchinsky, Museum Chairman Tom D’Auria, Museum lenders and donors of pieces in the exhibit, Mayor of Yonkers Michael Spano, and members of the Yonkers City Council and representatives from Albany. Mr. Greco, who has been a member of the HRM’s Board of Trustees for more than ten years, explained just how special an opportunity this was for the students. The Exhibit, which focuses on mankind’s romantic relationship with the Moon in art, features works of art from 1815 to the present depicting the moon, its landscape, its place in our sky and in our collective memories and hearts. Students expressed unanimously just how beautiful the art was and how enjoyable an exhibit it was. As a special treat, Marc Taylor, the Museum’s resident Astronomer, taught our students how to use the Planetarium’s software and projector. At multiple times during the evening, the globes of Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto, Phobos, our Moon, and many other celestial objects were prominently displayed on the planetarium dome by Montfort students.

Marla Greco