Montfort students view 2017 Solar Eclipse

Nearly 35 Montfort students returned to school three weeks ahead of schedule to gather in the parking lot to view the long-awaited Solar Eclipse.  Equipped with special solar filters over astronomical binoculars, an Orion telescope filter, and many pairs of official eclipse glasses, the students (and many parents) looked to the sky at around 1:30.  Many observed the crescent sun growing thinner and thinner until he 2:44 maximum.  They noted that the sky was visibly less bright (less squinting in the bright sun was necessary).  Colors of leaves and cars turned more subtle hues of their underlying colors.  It was beautiful.

School President Richard Greco led the observation.  "We always have high participation in astronomical viewings.  35 students on a beautiful summer day is an amazing turnout for an amazing event."

All students at Montfort study astronomy, and plans are underway to build an astronomical observatory on top of the school roof.

Richard Greco