Major changes to Montfort's campus

When students return to school on September 6th, they will see a building transformed.  All the woodwork has been re-stained, including the doors, moldings, statues, and chalkboard frames; paintings that reflect our academic subjects hang on the third floor; medieval chandeliers hang in the hallways where there used to be fluorescent lights; hardwood-like flooring and blue painted accents in the cafeteria break up the monochrome canary yellow, punctuated by blue and gold hanging lamps and a beautifully restored baby grand piano; handsome ceiling fans now bring cool air circulation to the classrooms; all classrooms are named in honor of a major theme such as the Ancients, the Masters, and the Renaissance; the beautiful but dulled and dusty statues of the Saints in each classroom were brought back to vibrant shine; smart-TV’s will be ordered and installed in each classroom; a Montfort store has been built that will sell school-spirit items; a  Senior lounge has been added outside; and some of our fence has been painted black to give a renewed look tot he whole campus.  Finally, initial preparation and architectural design for our astronomical observatory on the roof is now complete.  

Alex Potts