Our Mission

The Montfort Academy is a Catholic high school in the way Catholic high schools used to be.

Our mission is two-fold: 1) to provide a place where students develop in soul, mind, and body and an environment that respects and fosters the highest standards of education and character formation and 2) to prepare our students to attend the finest colleges, universities, or military academies in the country. Montfort is where the wisdom of the ages, combines with contemporary knowledge and methods, prepare your child for tomorrow’s success. Essentially, this comes down to two simpler goals: to help form young men and women of knowledge and character so they can succeed and live prosperously in this world and to help form souls so that the same young men and women can live with God forever in Heaven.

Our mission is accomplished through an authentically Catholic environment of daily prayer and weekly Mass and Holy Hour, a disciplined and challenging classical curriculum steeped in the highest traditions of Western Civilization designed to help students seek Truth, a teaching staff committed to the educational and spiritual development of its students and who view teaching as a vocation, and an eye towards helping them become ladies and gentlemen of virtue. 

Montfort is loyal to the Magisterium of the Church. Our four years of Theology focus on the teaching students the truths of our Catholic faith and preparing them to live a life of virtue in this world so they can be with Our Lord forever in the next world. Our centuries-tested classical curriculum of Latin, Greek, Philosophy, Astronomy, Chivalry, Christian Womanhood, Mathematics, Literature, History, Writing, Oratory and Public Speaking, and so much more also prepares our students for success in this world. At The Montfort Academy, students will gain an understanding of the world in which they live as well as an appreciation for the intellectual and moral virtues that will be their foundation as leaders of tomorrow.

Montfort’s mission has remained unchanged for nearly 20 years. Over the years, it has found expression in other ways, too, including:

  • Montfort: Educating students to live prosperously and virtuously in this world in order to be with God forever in the next world.

  • Montfort: Seek Wisdom, Practice Virtue, Keep the Faith

  • Montfort: Where the Mortar Matters

Montfort has sent her students into the world, and one by one as they become doctors, lawyers, accountants, wealth managers, professors, priests, designers, restaurateurs, physical therapists, computer programmers, distinguished sports players, they Seek Wisdom, Practice Virtue, Keep the Faith, and therefore are changing culture one person at a time.