St. John Bosco famously said that “Education is a matter of the heart”. His words remind us that our task is not simply intellectual formation, but rather that we are mindful of the need to form the whole child. It is also a call to educators to exercise their ministry with the love of the student at the forefront. In both of these senses, The Montfort Academy exemplifies and embodies the words of the saint.

A common critique of classical education is that is only for “a select few”. The Montfort Academy’s commitment to serving a diverse studen body refutes this critique and reflects the Gospel message to “go and make disciples”. It also echoes similar successful classical programs around the country where a diverse student body thrives intellectually and culturally. The mixture of talents and abilities in a classroom is healthy for developing a well-rounded community of learners – a superior real-world education. In order to maximize this effect, too, the school rightly is considering some alternative structural adjustments for entry level students to get them prepared for the subsequent success in the classical ideas they are learning.

For these reasons, the mission of The Montfort Academy is close to the heart of the Church and is an important beacon in the growing Catholic classical movement.

Respectfully submitted,



Mary Pat Donoghue

Director for School Services

Institute of Catholic Liberal Education


Michael Van Hecke


Institute for Catholic Liberal Education