Kevin Duraiswamy


KEVIN DURAISWAMY (Greek, Trivium, Admissions Team)

A 2019 graduate of Princeton University, Kevin Duraiswamy is starting his teaching career at The Montfort Academy in the 2019-2020 school year. He will be teaching Ancient Greek IV, Freshman Grammar & Composition, and Junior Rhetoric & Composition. He will also serve as the co-director of Admissions. Born and raised in the Bay Area, California and a graduate of The Harker School, Mr. Duraiswamy attended Princeton University after high school where he completed a Bachelor of Arts in the Classics. At Princeton, Mr. Duraiswamy was well-known for his Greek dinners, which he hosted and whose attendees would sit around the table and speak ancient Greek. The Latin and Greek classics, however, are only a part of his intellectual interests. He is a student of the humanities broadly and is always seeking in his own studies to better his knowledge of the literature, history, and philosophy of the whole Western tradition in an effort to live a life of real meaning. In his view, the humanities are of fundamental importance to us because they can teach us how to lead a good life, and he is excited to be joining a school that shares that vision—a vision that sees learning not purely as an abstract, intellectual exercise but as something that is deeply connected to our everyday lives.